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Let us help you drift back to sea with our collection of nautical jewelry.

At Sailormade, we know where you’d rather be-- sails high, wind through your hair, the taste of salt spritzed across your lips. Our nautical accessories are thoughtfully designed with understated marine elements and handcrafted to the highest quality for your active lifestyle. You can wear our pieces both aboard the boat and to that salty apres sea bar.

Do you think low tide smells like roses?

I do. I also look out for orange skies at night and never bring bananas on boats. I’m always whistling this or that tune in hopes the wind is listening and I have not lost hope I might one day catch a mermaid breaching the ocean's surface. 

As a child, I counted down the days until my next trip to Cape Cod. I’d spend endless summer nights sitting on the beach star-gazing and wondering where my life would lead. In hindsight, the creative display of my love of all things nautical through jewelry makes perfect sense. 

Each summer, I’d buy string and beads at the local Ben Franklin and spend weeks braiding bracelets for the autumn craft festival. My jewelry making skills, initially explored solely as a personal hobby, matured over time. Conveniently, my family’s 5th generation business transitioned from importing leather to manufacturing small brass accessories allowing me to pursue jewelry making as a career. Being by the water offers me oceans of inspiration so it only made sense to create jewelry with nautical sensibility.  

Spending the entire summer on Cape Cod is no longer feasible, so I wear my Sailormade pieces as a reminder of the summer sun I’d like to be under, the boat I’d like to be fishing on, and the friends I like to share these moments with.



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marine biologist tagging tiger shark wearing sailormade nautical rope bracelet with stainless steel brummel clips.

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