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Scituate Woodcarvings

Last week I wrote a post about Plum Island Drift, a Newburyport based wood carver specializing in whale sculptures. This week, I learned of a studio in Scituate Harbor that has workshops to teach you how to create your own wood sculpture, Kukstis Woodcarving. The motifs are not limited to whales and according to the images of student work you can design whatever your heart desires. If you're not up to doing the labor yourself, Kukstis specializes in decorative signs, New England folk art, and eagles all made to order. 

Year of the Knots

Windy Chien's table top book, The Year of Knots, takes rope work to a fashionable place. Chien was inspired to learn one new knot every day for a year and turned her knotty exploration into a how-to. This book takes old traditions and techniques but twists then with modern styles that you will want to adorn you self and surrounds with. Pick up a copy of the book here