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Summer Sounds to Wake Up Laughing (even when it's too chilly to get out of bed!)

This song reminds me of summer. Let's not forget the the sun still shines even though the days are getting shorter.

Woke Up Laughing - Robert Palmer
Listen here


'Lady of the Dunes', a true crime podcast

As a total true crime junkie, I am so excited to hear that the Cape Cod Times has finally dived into the Lady of the Dunes with a podcast. For those of you that don't know the story, in 1974 a woman's body was found on a remote beach in Provincetown, MA. Well dressed with characteristics insinuating an affluent background, one would expect the mystery of who this woman was to be easily solved, yet the investigators could never find the answer. In the podcast, forensic expert Claire Glynn brings the case to the forefront and asks how new genetic genealogy could help this mystery woman finally find a name. 

Listen here. I can't wait.