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Party Like The Puritans

Did you know that you can relive the beginnings of the Thanksgiving celebration at Plimouth Plantation? Plimouth Plantation offers a 17th Century themed dining experience with a well stocked buffet showcasing local ingredients and traditional cuisine. Apparently, this is a hot event and tickets sell out fast. Not to worry, they also offer a "Story of Thanksgiving" Dinner as well as a New England Harvest Feast throughout the end of the month.  


The Salty 6: Thanksgiving Takeout in Boston

I've never hosted Thanksgiving dinner before so, in turn, I've never experienced the stress of cooking a feast such as it is. YEAH RIGHT! We all know that Mom stress on Thanksgiving Day is everyone's stress. Let's help Mom lighten the load and grab a dish or two from one of the many restaurants offering takeout options in Boston. Here is my Salty 6 lowdown on the best menus cooking up (NOT in my kitchen):


Feast like the pilgrims

Who says you have to be traditional for Thanksgiving? My mom is a pescatarian and will not be joining in the annual turkey on the table. She is hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm going to try and pass this recipe as a main dish. Heck! We're from Massachusetts, shouldn't there be seafood be on the table?!

This stuffed Sea Bass recipe was hijacked from Savory Nothings and will be the quickest turkey you ever cook: