2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

The Sailormade guy, or Seadog as we like to call him, has a boat, has a friend with a boat, or has the dream of building his own boat. He doesn't wear Tevas to work because he doesn't bother with shoes when he's by the beach. He aspires to beat Jimmy Buffet at living the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle, though, he'd take a fresh caught striped bass in Cape Cod over a cheese burger in paradise anytime. You know that salty sailor at the bar with an endless collection of "Perfect Storm" stories? Probably a Sailormade Seadog. You're here so we're guessing you know this guy and need a gift that speaks to his passions. We've got you, check out our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for boat guys and ocean-lovers below. 

For The Deep Sea Fisherman

The Charger Slipknot Rope Bracelet is simple and easy to wear. The design nods to our traditional brummel bracelet and is offered in three finishes: weathered silver, weathered brass, and matte black, and 5 rope colors: camo, faded blue, faded black, faded orange, and faded maroon.
men's charger rope slipknot bracelet
men's charger rope slipknot bracelet
men's charger slipknot rope bracelet
shop charger nautical slipknot rope bracelets for men

The Sporty Sailor

The Sporty Stack I is a collection of Sailormade best sellers. The Catch Single Wrap Bracelet in charcoal stacks alongside the #1 favorite Contender Double Wrap Rope Bracelet in navy, red, and white and the Charger Slipknot Rope Bracelet in weathered silver and faded blue. 

men's contender double wrap rope bracelet with stainless steel brummels, slipknot charger rope bracelet, and catch single nautical rope bracelet
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The Surfer 

The Sailormade powder coated brummels add a pop of color to any outfit. The Signal Single Wrap Rope Bracelet and the Signal Double Wrap Rope Bracelet utilize our classic brummel design whereas the Recruit Braided Rubber Bracelet is designed with a larger brummel clasp. If you're looking for a vibrant bracelet stack check out the men's Pop Of Color Stack, available for the holidays only. 

men's powder coated brummel rope bracelet in orange and wheat

men's powder coat brummel bracelet with braided cotton bracelet and catch single rope bracelet
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The Seadog Secretly Afraid of the Water

Our Standard Leather Belt with a nautical shackle buckle will allow this guy to keep his pants bound around his waist so he dose not have to take them off to jump in the water. Offered in black leather with a nickel buckle, deep dark brown leather with a brass buckle, and black leather with a matte black buckle.

sailormade men's standard leather belt with brass shackle buckle
sailormade men's standard leather belt with brass shackle buckle
shop standard leather belt with nautical shackle for men

For the Guy that Still Wears Nantucket Reds

Our Journey Canvas Bracelet in Bretton Red is a subtle nod to those lobster embroidered pants he used to love. Really lean into his nostalgic side with our All That Brass Stack which includes the League Braided Bracelet in Natural, the grown up braided cotton marine cord bracelet, and our Fid Cuff in antique brass.  
men's journey twisted canvas brummel bracelet in bretton red
men's journey twisted canvas brummel bracelet in bretton red with antique brass fid cuff and braided cotton bracelet
shop journey canvas nautical bracelet for men in bretton red

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