For four generations our family has crafted beautiful brass hardware for others. In 2010 we decided to start designing for ourselves.

It began with our Great Grandfather, who brought our family together at his camp on Nauset Beach in Cape Cod. Here, the stress of the business faded away. We spent summer days fishing in Pleasant Bay or sunning on the dunes of the Outer Beach. Nights began with big bowls of freshly caught steamers and ended with card games by lantern light. We all need a reminder of those days.

Thus, the ocean was a natural inspiration for our line of nautical accessories at Sailormade. Since we oversee our own production process, our personal designs are crafted to the high quality that our family has come to be known for. Our sophisticated and understated tones transition seamlessly from sea to city so our pieces can be worn all year long. In 2008, horrendous storms swept our little cupola-topped home into the Atlantic, but our memories will always endure. Whether we’re wearing our Brummel Bracelet or a piece from our Coral Collection we carry a keepsake from those days of sun and sand.

Wherever your happy seaside retreat may be, we hope that your Sailormade piece reminds you of your own beloved summer memory.


The Brummel Hook, also known as the Inglefield Clip and the Sister Hook, was invented in the early 1890's by Lieutenant Edward Inglefield. At the time they were an ingenious way of quickly and easily attaching and raising signal flags - the clips can be engaged or disengaged, but only if they are carefully aligned by hand. When pulled tight, the links are securely fastened. By 1895, Inglefield clips were standard issue to the British Royal Navy.

For us, the Brummel is the ultimate example of beautiful form serendipitously following function. Ours are made by lost wax in four parts and finished by hand with great care and an emphasis on quality.