Sea Spritz
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Patterns in the Sand

Spent the day collecting bits and pieces off the beach and putting these patterns together. It feels like this is about to become my Summer '19 project. 

Dress It Up

I'm heading to Bermuda for a wedding this weekend and discovered Banjanan two days too late. I've been looking for something colorful and casual for a ceremony and reception on sand. Look how gorgeous these dresses are! 

How long can you hold your breath?

How long can you hold your breath? It's a question I don't want to know the answer to.

Scuba diving is a seemingly harmless activity saved for beach vacations, right? Sure, but commercial diving is a world of its own. Dogwood present Last Breath following a team of divers on their expedition 300' below sea level. When unpredictable weather causes diver, Chris Lemons, to detach from his life support and drift away from his diving bell, he is faced with taking his last breath. 

An Upstate Oasis

I've been planning a little weekend getaway for someone rather close to me (shh, it's a surprise). As I can't indulge my boyfriend, Zac, in the details of his 31st birthday I will instead indulge you... 


Kiss My Feet

Jack Rogers have walked me through the summer every day for the last decade. They are my go-to for any outfit and most occasions. I've got big, ol' size 10s and I am weird how shoes fit. To me, my Jack's are the shoes that my future granddaughter will think she discovered first until she sees a vintage photo of her Granny trotted down the street in them. They are timeless.

Still, I want something fresh.

Carrie Forbes Moroccan-made raffia shoes have me head over heels. Their simple elegance and natural call me to drop everything and head to sand. 

Thoughtful Thrifting

A friend forwarded me this home renovation article from Country Living. The water-scapes arranged throughout the house remind me of paintings my Mom and I would discover in the numerous estate sales we'd attend on Saturday mornings during the summer. As I got older and continued to explore the treasure troves of thrift stores, etc. my Mom would beg me to stop bringing home perceived junk. Hey - monkey see, monkey do. This summer, I'll circle my newspaper ads and be first in line; I'm on the hunt for more of these untitled but beautiful paintings as well as these little wooden birds.

Bonaire Island

I recently stumbled upon this article from the New York Times about Bonaire Island. This is a new Caribbean getaway for me and one for my adventurous heart. 

Bonnaire was the first island to develop an underwater marine park and limit access of it to fishermen and tourists. That paired with their focus on reef life restoration has made it a mecca for snorkeling and scuba diving.

On shore, Dutch influence noted, the island offers more parks and gorgeous beaches to be explored. As I can tell, the modest island has few luxury resorts and Airbnb's are where it's at.


Can we get a direct flight from Boston, please?

A Warm Song for a Cold Day

Adele's live performance of Water Under the Bridge.

Happy Valentine's Day

Cherish each kiss.

The Art of a Sailor's Valentine

The idea of a Sailor's Valentine is so sweet. I've always imagined a sailor both carefully and lovingly setting each tiny shell into place as he longs for his love on a distant land. The boat rocks him back and forth threatening to break the valentine but if he can just keep it safe his love will prosper. NOPE. Supposedly, Barbados women handmade these octagonal pieces and sailors purchased them before leaving port. Popular in the 19th century these antiques are now collectables. I found this one on 1st dibs selling for over $2k. That certainly makes a dozen roses sound cheap! Also, rumor has it the new Sailor's Valentine is a Yours & Mine bracelet pair from Sailormade ;-)

Boating Is Good for The Brain

We certainly do not need science to tell us what we already know to be true - boating is good for the brain. However, if you need some back up when you're telling your boss why you need to leave early on a Friday forward her this article from Boat US. Hey - you've gotta get your mental health in check before you can bring your A-game to the office afterall! ;-) 

Chart of Knots

It's going to be a cold winter. Find me bundled up in layers of blankets with endless cups of hot coffee (and hot toddies) by the fire at full blast (because my fire is electric). Sounds like the perfect opportunity to spiff up my ropework. 

Did You Say Chocolate?
Smooth Blue

Chicago-based artist, Caroline E. Chriss, is inspired by scenes of our salty, old New England. This original acrylic painting, Smooth Blue, is one of many that you can purchase directly off of Chriss's website. Her pieces, offered both as originals and prints, will keep those soft summer memories present and warm all winter long. 

Beach wood

I read about Marc Hundley's new furniture collection over a year ago in an Architectural Digest. Something about the airiness of perceived suspension and playful colors reminds me of my family's old camp. The artist lives in Brooklyn and was inspired by Fire Island so it's no wonder the pieces have a beachy quality that also transition sea to city. 

Meditate Here

I pulled this ad for True Botanicals out of some magazine a while back. Photographers, Inez and Vinoodh, capture that feeling of ecstasy when the sea spritz and sunbeam radiance wrap you up in a warm embrace of nostalgia and freedom. When I close my eyes, this is the place I mediate.

Mermaid Merriment

Thanksgiving can have it's gourds and cornucopias, make way for Christmas decoration! I've got to have these mermaid tail stockings from the Paper Source. Can I keep these out all year?

Warren Miller's Icelandic Trifecta

Warren Miller's 2018 Face of Winter movie tour recently stopped in Boston. In attempt to find information to share about the Icelandic helli-ski piece I fell upon an older Warren Miller Icelandic adventure that looks equally if not more incredible. 

Check out the video below for the trifecta of winter adventure: sail + hike + ski. 

Hostess with the mostess

I love a Thanksgiving spread that not only offer a variety of delicious flavors but offers its dishes with an eclectic flair. I love the 70s French porcelain dishes above (available for purchase on etsy) as well as the fishy platters below. Not only would these make great serving platters but fabulous hostess gifts as well. 

Is Marine Collagen Better?

With my recent Whole30 health kick (now officially over) I started exploring collagen supplements. I started taking Primal Instinct Collagen Fuel in my morning coffee per suggestion of nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. Full disclosure, it's too soon to say whether I am feeling any health benefits. 

As an occasion-only meat eater I'm still getting used to the idea of consuming what is essentially evaporated cow hides. It got me thinking as too the different options for collagen supplements. Marine collagen is extracted from discarded scales and bones of fish. Fish oils containing Omega 3s are always listed as one of the most important nutrients to feed our bodies. Could switching to Marine Collagen be a better 2 in 1 option? 

Feast like the pilgrims

Who says you have to be traditional for Thanksgiving? My mom is a pescatarian and will not be joining in the annual turkey on the table. She is hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm going to try and pass this recipe as a main dish. Heck! We're from Massachusetts, shouldn't there be seafood be on the table?!

This stuffed Sea Bass recipe was hijacked from Savory Nothings and will be the quickest turkey you ever cook:

Leaning into Farm-Coast Food

The North End is home to new restaurant, Alcove. Finally, someone is leaning into what should be Massachusett's culinary expertise, farm to coast food. It's juxtaposed with sea to city perfection with a location on the Lovejoy Wharf and gorgeous views of the Zakim Bridge. 

Here are a couple of highlights as well as a sample menu below: 

Anthropologie Sail

There's a 50/50 chance that these pillows were designed without influence of the ocean but I can't help myself but see embroidered wave patterns. 

Anthropologie is currently offering an additional 25% off sale items. Here are some of my favorite pieces for next to nothing.

Sea Legs

This local Boston shoe company will keep your feet moving through the holidays. Dare I say it might be time to add a new pair to my ever growing loafer collection [insert cheeky smile]. I've been wearing the Channel Markers the time feels right to add the Sarah Snaffle or Nantucket. And if you are considering someone else other than yourself this holiday season check out the men's options too.