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The Rayminder Collection

It's been MONTHS in the making and we are so excited to finally introduce you to the Rayminder Collection, our new line of UV awareness jewelry. 

Our Rayminder bracelets and necklaces pair semi-precious gemstones with UV sensitive beads. As the rays of the sun get stronger, the UV beads change from clear to color, ray-minding you when it's time to reapply SPF.


Our Ever Growing Quarantine To Do List

At Sailormade, we like to think of ourselves as a tool, moreover, an accessory, to help you escape from your everyday life. So, we've compiled a couple quarantine to-do lists to help distract you from the going-ons and find a little peaceful, beachside harmony.


Come Sail Away: Dream Destinations for Every Kind of Adventurer

If we had a choice, we’d spend all our time out on the water. But, alas, we’ve got lives to lead on dry land. That doesn’t mean you won’t catch us daydreaming about where the waves will take us next! In this post, we’re dreaming up our perfect day in three fabulous locales where we’d just love to drop anchor.


Talk Like A Sailor

Have you ever been told to "pipe down"? Frustrating, I know. Perhaps in addition to being frustrated, you were also confused. What does the common idiom actually mean? There are endless phrases just like this one that hold so much mysterious meaning that most of us don’t even consider. And many of them actually stem from nautical culture. Here are a few of my favorites:


That’s So Ketch: Breaking Down the Basic Boats You’ll See on the Water

Itching to get out on the water? You’ll need a boat first! If you’re new to sailing, you may not know that there are actually a range of types of sailboats. In this blog post, we’re breaking down the basics of a few of the most common sailboats you’ll see out there in the waves.


Grind and Rise: Why We Can't Set Sail Without Winches

Think you recognize the stainless steel clasp on your Voyager Bracelet? Well, you’re on to something—it’s actually designed after a self-tailing winch! No doubt you’ve used one before, but how much do you really know about the history and function of this sailing mainstay?  It’s time to take a nice deep sailor’s dive into the world of winches! 


Women Belong on Boats

Let’s get one thing clear…

I’d consider myself a fairly superstitious person but there is one old piece of folklore I refuse to believe: that women are bad luck on boats. Once upon a time, hopefully, many, many years ago sailors said that women aboard the ship would upset the sea gods and cause treacherous sailing conditions. The truth of this superstition is that the men could not be trusted to stay focused around the women. So, ladies, it was the men that were the problem, not us. As we approach International Women’s Day next week, let’s not forget that!


Behind the Name: Pete's Point

As a child, I spent my summers visiting our family camp on Nauset Beach, a sandy point extending almost 7 miles off of the coast of Orleans, MA. 

The modest structure, topped with an identifiable cupola, was built as a game cabin for hunting and fishing. Even as a child in 90s, the oil lamps were still used for light in the evenings and the most modern renovation was the application of a hand pump for water that allowed the toilet to flush (though, rules remained about what was allowed down the finikey plumbing). The camp remained a time piece of generations past. I'll forever miss washing my feet off in a bucket of seawater as a well mannered attempt to keep sand out of a house that was truly of the elements.


Why the Off Season is Better in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is home to some of New England's most beautiful summer destinations—Newport, Block Island, Bristol, Watch Hill, and more. They’re all towns rich in maritime history and east coast charm. But if you think summer is the only time to enjoy Rhode Island, you're wrong! In fact, on a recent trip, I discovered that Rhode Island is even better in the off-season because you get it all to yourself.


The Sailor’s Valentine

“Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.” 

In the 1800s, being a sailor meant being away from home for months at a time. What was worse? The merciless days at sea or the anguish of a long-distance relationship? We may never know. But we do have proof that sailor's did pine for their loved ones while at sea...


Oyster Fishing in New England

When was the last time you had a “wild” caught oyster? Most likely, never. Oyster fishing is a rare hobby in modern day New England, and it's not for the faint of heart. The height of the oyster season runs from September through April. If you think the Atlantic is cold on the hottest day of summer, imagine wading in chest deep when the air has dipped below freezing. Bone-chilling temps aside, oyster fishing is actually pretty simple.


A Message (out of the bottle) from Calligrapher, Lexi Mayde

Hi readers, Lexi here! I’m an artist and calligrapher, and I also happen to call Bridget my oldest friend! Bridget and I grew up together, we’ve traveled together, we’ve even lived together, but we’ve never worked together—until now! Keep reading to learn about how our exciting collaboration, the SailorMAYDE Message in a Bottle, has been decades in the making. 


The Salty 6: Holiday De-Stressers

With only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, holiday stress is at an all time high. Here at Sailormade, I am in the middle of moving studios, setting up for shows, shipping out holiday orders, etc. This is happening right in the midst of all the holiday obligations and social commitments I made weeks ago when they still sounded like a good idea. Generally, it's hard to keep your calm this time of year. Therefore, I wanted to share with you my Salty 6 go-to's for de-stressing this time of year in hopes there is some value in them for you. 


There's Something Fishy About These Dessert Plates

If I had a reason to buy new dessert plates this holiday season, or a kitchen with more storage, I'd buy this Vintage Fancy Fish Plates by Yvonne Ellen on Esty.

The Salty 6: Seafood Appetizers for Thanksgiving Day

Every year on Thanksgiving Day I always over do it on the appetizers and I'm never all that hungry for the main meal. This year, I've picked 6 seafood options that err on the side of light to try and make. I will bring only one with me to Thanksgiving dinner. 


Party Like The Puritans

Did you know that you can relive the beginnings of the Thanksgiving celebration at Plimouth Plantation? Plimouth Plantation offers a 17th Century themed dining experience with a well stocked buffet showcasing local ingredients and traditional cuisine. Apparently, this is a hot event and tickets sell out fast. Not to worry, they also offer a "Story of Thanksgiving" Dinner as well as a New England Harvest Feast throughout the end of the month.  


Scituate Woodcarvings

Last week I wrote a post about Plum Island Drift, a Newburyport based wood carver specializing in whale sculptures. This week, I learned of a studio in Scituate Harbor that has workshops to teach you how to create your own wood sculpture, Kukstis Woodcarving. The motifs are not limited to whales and according to the images of student work you can design whatever your heart desires. If you're not up to doing the labor yourself, Kukstis specializes in decorative signs, New England folk art, and eagles all made to order. 

Simple Centerpiece with Driftwood

This tablescape using driftwood as a centerpiece caught my eye. I have plenty where that came from...

The Salty 6: Thanksgiving Takeout in Boston

I've never hosted Thanksgiving dinner before so, in turn, I've never experienced the stress of cooking a feast such as it is. YEAH RIGHT! We all know that Mom stress on Thanksgiving Day is everyone's stress. Let's help Mom lighten the load and grab a dish or two from one of the many restaurants offering takeout options in Boston. Here is my Salty 6 lowdown on the best menus cooking up (NOT in my kitchen):


Beck Ink

So, I'm not going to pretend like I know a thing about wine. If I'm being totally honest, whilst shopping for a bottle of wine the first thing that usually attracts me to something new is the label. It's a good portion of my adoration for the bottle shown above (plus, I'm a sucker for the sea-tastical). 


Caramelized Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Toasted Buckwheat

Oh, yum! This is my gluten free recipe of the week. I LOVE salmon and anything with an asian flare. I also like a little heat so I rubbed a little siracha onto my fish filets. This is a great well-rounded, light but filling meal for November.


Thanksgiving Makes me Mantel

I love the idea of painting pumpkins in an ombre shade of blue for a decor upgrade this Thanksgiving. Thanks to, Making Home Base, for the inspiration.

A Titanic Estate

Can you hear Jack Dawson whisper in the wind? I do. He's saying, "only $37,000,000." That's the price tag on this Newport estate previously owned by John Jacob Astor, the richest person to sail upon and perish on the Titanic. 


Harborside Half Marathon - Newburyport, MA

I can finally knock half marathon off my bucket list. This past weekend, a number of friends and I ran the Harborside Half Marathon and 5k in Newburyport. It was a gorgeous November day, cold but not icy and sunny. The 13.1 mile loop took us from Newburyport through West Newbury and back into downtown. We ran past gorgeous old farms, reservoirs and nature preserves.


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