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To celebrate love and friendship in 2021, Sailormade and Lexi Mayde bring you the SailorMAYDE Message in a Bottle 2.0. Available now through 2/14, this sailor's valentine shares a story of how the bond between you and your partner or friend cannot be broken whether at sea for one day or one year.  

The story behind the Message in a Bottle

If you're lucky, the imagination shared between you and your best friend does not get lost amongst the sand castles and hermit crab sanctuaries of your youth but continues to grow as you do.

I still remember the day Lexi moved in across the street from me. My mom and I popped over to welcome the new neighbors. I was so happy a girl my age would now live next door! But, we'll both admit it, we were not necessarily the biggest fans of one another back in the day. Playdates often took a turn for the worst and tears were shed. Thankfully, as we graduating from 2nd to 3rd grade we found common ground through our imaginations.

From home movies to writing spells to weekends spent quilting in Lexi's basement or collaging in mine, we always had a new project in the works. Our craftiness matured as we did. Lexi perfected the art of calligraphy and illustration as I focused in on jewelry.⠀
Last year, we decided to put our skills together and create this beautiful valentine. The SailorMAYDE Message in a Bottle will fill your soul with nostalgia for friendship, love, and simpler times spent by the sea. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Scroll through this blog post to check out each of the thoughtful details that you will find inside.

What will you find in this salty valentine?

Well, a message in bottle.

Of course, you will find a message in a bottle in this sailor's valentine. A sea-inspired calligraphy quote is handwritten by Lexi Mayde, scrolled, and inserted into a glass bottle with a cork stopper. The note is a mystery for the eyes of the receiver only.

Calligraphy is an art form for the patient and precise. Lexi is self-taught and has perfected her skill of calligraphy over the past decade. Her amazing calligraphy, watercolor, and illustration work can be found at leximayde.com or on her etsy shop here. If you are ready to loose yourself to the endless and addictive scroll, check out the Lexi Mayde Instagram here.

handwritten calligraphy message in a bottle

handwritten calligraphy notesend a message in a bottle here

A bouquet of dried flowers collected from the 7 seas.

As legend has it -- We sailed the 7 seas and traveled to each continent to find flowers worthy of you. To preserve their beauty, we allowed the flowers to dry along our voyage. In your package you will find a petite bouquet of these dried flowers. You can use your glass bottle as a bud vase once the secret message is removed.

bouquet of flowers from the seven seas

dried petite bouquet of flowers message in a bottlepetite bouquet of dried flowersfind the sailormade message in a bottle here

Bound Together Knot Bracelet

Through thick or thin, the bond you share with your friend or partner cannot be broken. This Bound Together Knot Bracelet represents just that. Make a wish before you tie your bracelet on, once it falls off it is bound to come true.

true lovers knot bracelettrue lovers knot braceletfind the true lovers knot bracelet here

A sea shell to hear the ocean.

When you can't be by the ocean, remember that you can always bring the ocean closer to you. Hold a seashell close to your ear and hear mermaid whispers, fishtail swishes, and whale songs.

message in a bottle calligraphy note with dried flower bouquet, rope bracelet, and seashelllisten to the ocean sing here

And finally, each valentine is packed and packaged with love.

A greeting card waiting to be filled with your words is slipped underneath a satin ribbon and sealed closed with a wax seal. Each Message in a Bottle ships out from the Sailormade Boathouse in Boston, MA. 

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Available now through 2/14. 

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