painted pumpkins on mantel in ombre blue

Thanksgiving Makes me Mantel

I love the idea of painting pumpkins in an ombre shade of blue for a decor upgrade this Thanksgiving. Thanks to, Making Home Base, for the inspirat...

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Newport Rhode Island Titanic estate

A Titanic Estate

Can you hear Jack Dawson whisper in the wind? I do. He's saying, "only $37,000,000." That's the price tag on this Newport estate previously owned ...

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beluga whale plays fetch

So Fetch

This video of a beluga whale playing fetch with boaters in the Arctic is absolutely amazing. Click HERE to check it out.   

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The eagles band on a sailboat

That Peaceful Easy Feeling

Another song that makes me thing of summer. If you haven't had the chance to watch the History of the Eagles documentary, think about carving out ...

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Whale sculpture driftwood Plum Island Drift

Plum Island Drift

I don't know how this discovery hasn't happened sooner. Eric Stevens is an artist from Newburyport that makes whale sculptures out of driftwood. H...

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Sharks are not as scary as they look

Why Jaws Was Wrong

Sharks are scary but let's get real - they're more scared of us than we are of them. Ok, I don't know if that's exactly true but we do need to chan...

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Walt Whitman O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain!

I was watching Dead Poets Society last night... O Captain! my Captain!  Walt Whitman O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The ship ha...

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riptide reggie in lobster costume

Happy Halloween

Well, the lobster costume lasted about 2 minutes for a brief and not so spooky photoshoot. Reggie's face says it all. Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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Spiked Cider

Hot Spiked Cider

I told you I'd have a good use for my leftover apple cider! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the rain holds off for Halloween tomorrow. WHEN it ...

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