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The Seagull's Story

Some people associate seagulls with strip malls and scavenging. I've always had a soft spot for the bird. When I see a seagull I can't help but think of fishing boats making their way back to the pier with a cloud of gulls following or slightly too confident birds trying to sneak up to your picnic on the beach. 

In this recent article by the NY Times, gulls are celebrated and researched and they are quite a lot smarter than we think. 

Surfing in... Ireland?

According to this NY Times article, it's a thing.

Underwater Labyrinth

Imposing rock, thermal waters, underwater tunnels, and lush vegetation create this beautiful and unique geological phenomenon along the Athenian River. 

A visit to Lake Vouliagmenis is a well-rounded experience with recreational activities including swimming through the thermal waters, snorkeling, hiking along the rock formation, access to a spa, and both public or private dining options along the water. 

Only 30 minutes from the city center, this natural wonder will definitely be on my list of day trips the next time I am in Athens. 

Dog Friendly Beaches in New England

What's better than your little, furry bundle of energy letting loose and running free along the shoreline? Nothing. We're so fortunate to live in a place that has numerous dog friendly beaches. We've compiled a list (with help from BringFido) of the best beaches to bring your pup. Take a look below: 


My Brother Got Married

My brother and his now wife got married in Chatham over the weekend. The weather could not have been be better for a September weekend. They tied the knot on my family's beach and we celebrated into the evening on a neighbor's lawn. Pictures say it all, so I will hold off on the details and will share some photos as soon as they trickle in. 

Designer Spotlight: Kathryn Ferran Kayajan

Kathryn Ferran Kayajan is a New York City based designer who has designed a stunning collection of wallpaper and textiles. Kayajan, originally an architect, takes design inspiration from motifs and patterns she's gathered on trips abroad and blends those ideas with her love of painting.

Kayajan grew up on Cape Cod, so it's no wonder her bright and cheerful patterns are the perfect accents to any beach home. Plus, she claims Peppermint Stick ice cream as her favorite flavor. This fun fact has no weight on her craft, but as the flavor is one of my top three (and ice cream is by far my favorite dessert), it's one more little thing that makes me love Kayajan even more. 

Keep reading to check out a few of my favorite collections:

Last Chance BBQ


How to Splice Double Braided Rope

For those of you that know your ropework, you are aware that you can tie, knot, whip or splice to create a loop, secure hardware to the rope, or tie off an end. We chose to splice the ends of our rope for the Riptide Reggie line. At face value, we thought the double splice gave our leash and collar a super sleek look that nodded to the marina. Functionally, the marine cord rope is industrially designed to withstand time and weather and weight. Finishing the piece with splices, as opposed to knots or whip stitches, allows the rope to maintain it's full strength. Pair that with our selectively spec-ed hardware and you have the only leash and collar you will ever need. 


Prince Harry is Starting a Travel Company

And, no, it's not for luxurious, royal travel. Instead, Travalyst will support sustainable travel practices and educated travelers on how to tour responsibly. Read more about the initiative here.

Block Print Disco Pants

I love these moss green disco pants by SZ Block Prints. Block prints always get me in the mood for sunny days and warm vacation. Any recommendations on how to incorporate these into my fall wardrobe? 

Except When They're Not

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw show off their private Island in the Bahamas in this AD video.

That's a cocktail party I'd like an invitation to... 

'Lady of the Dunes', a true crime podcast

As a total true crime junkie, I am so excited to hear that the Cape Cod Times has finally dived into the Lady of the Dunes with a podcast. For those of you that don't know the story, in 1974 a woman's body was found on a remote beach in Provincetown, MA. Well dressed with characteristics insinuating an affluent background, one would expect the mystery of who this woman was to be easily solved, yet the investigators could never find the answer. In the podcast, forensic expert Claire Glynn brings the case to the forefront and asks how new genetic genealogy could help this mystery woman finally find a name. 

Listen here. I can't wait. 

A Win for Whales

According to a recent National Geographic article, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) gave an ultimatum to Japan that stated if they were to continue their hunt and slaughter of Sei Whales, they would be shut out of the legal wildlife trade. 

Apparently, Japan has a history of killing these magnificent ocean dwellers for "research purposes" and selling the meat to fund academic work. Upon further research, CITES discovered Japan was, in fact, primarily selling the meat for commercial purposes only. 

So happy to hear people are working to preserving and reviving this incredible species. Learn more about the Sei Whale and CITES

Poached Halibut in Tomato Sauce and Olives

Local Haven by Ashley Marti is the first food blog and Instagram account that I became obsessed with. This recipe for Poached Halibut in a Tomato Sauce with Olives has my seal of approval. Marti's recipes are consistently uncomplicated, delicious, and perfect for weeknight meals.

Find the original recipe here or keep reading for instructions.

An Interview With Riptide Reggie

PRODUCT LAUNCH. Today calls for a celebration as we officially launch our Riptide Reggie dog line. This collection of leashes and collars is, of course, inspired by our water-loving pup, Reggie. He kept asking us for a sea-spired accessory that would remind him of his runs along the seashore when we're back in Boston walking him around the block.

As Reggie is the mastermind behind this line, we thought it would be best to let him tell you why he's traded in all his old leashes for this one. (Please note, we did our best to translate his woof-bark-howls into English.)


Luke Edward Hall

Water and whimsy tangles with Greek Mythology in Luke Edward Hall's collection of tableware for Richard GinoriViaggio di Nettuno. Grecian statues with coral growing from the bust, Neptune riding a dolphin, mermaid tails and scallop shells for days. Dining on this collection will feel like you're at the table with Dionysus himself. 

Brady On the Beach

We have two days until the Patriots kick off! (FYI: 8:20pm EST vs the Steelers at Gillette). To ease the tension between myself and those of you that are not on the "Go Pats!" wave, I've decided to share this viral picture with you to remind you that Brady, he's just like us. He's a beach-bound, Bundchen-loving, ball throwing Dog Dad. Don't let him being the GOAT of the past two decades think he doesn't have faults. Oh, he does... he isn't rocking a Sailormade bracelet yet! 

RH Beach House

I finally got to that Architectural Digest I've been meaning to read for a few weeks. The issue was littered with coastal delicacies like the new collection at Restoration Hardware: RH Beach House. The line offers a whole catalog of pieces from shell inspired chandeliers to weathered furniture and beachy linens. Check out some of my favorite pieces below:


Guys, it's a thing! Who would have thought grilling in a parking lot and illegally drinking beers could get more fun? Well, you're probably already wearing your boat shoes so fill those Yeti's with white claws and heat up those boat grills because we're going boatgating.

You'd think we'd be able to lay claim to one of the best stadiums to boatgate being on the East Coast but no. According to Discover Boating, here are the top 4 NFL stadiums to boatgate and the marinas you can find a slip:


Game Day Crab Dip

Big game day weekend! The kickoff of the NFL season really starts the transition to autumn for me. I manage to miss most of the beginning of the season as the SOWA Market is a Sunday and runs through October but, let's be honest, I'm not really watching the game anyways. I am enjoying the football get togethers and, mostly, all the snacks. This season, I'm going to layoff the Buffalo Chicken Dip and add a coastal flare to my pot luck offerings. First up:

Old Bay Hot Crab Dip


How to Fish with Cormorants

This fascinating picture of Lao Huang, an 86 year old fisherman from Yangshuo, China, can be credited to Australian Photographer, Peter Yan

This is the first introduction I have had into Cormorant Fishing. Are you googling "Cormorant" right now? I had to. A cormorant is the bird perched on Huang's bamboo. The birds are trained to catch river fish. It is a centuries old tradition popular in China, Japan, and Korea as well as Greece and North Macedonia.

Today, it's a method used only for touristic purposes. I'd love to witness this process before it becomes buried in the past. 

Splash Proof

Happy Labor!! And happy last weekend of summer. Ugh! It kills me to think we will all be trading in our bathing suits for turtle necks in just a couple of weeks. I wish you well this September and hope the weather gods grace you with at least one more beach weekend. And if you make it, considering stashing you wet bikinis in one of these splash proof bags from the Aloha Collection

Would you wake up here?

Earlier this year I traveled through Peru on a 10 day tour with my family. While moving, on the ground, through the sacred valley we passed by the Skylodge Adventure Suites. The "suites" are transparent pods that hang 400 mt above the ground and are only accessible by rock climbing the face of Ferrata Mountain or via a hiking and zipline adventure trail. This will bring me back.

Perfectly Periwinkle

This French-style glass carafe is designed by Maison Balzac. The hand blown glass is perfectly periwinkle.

I think it's time to upgrade the glass of water that lives by the side of my bed...