Beach Yoga & Achieving Ultimate Beach Relaxation

This past winter, at-home workouts became part of my daily routine. I've found my favorite YouTube fitness trainers and more importantly, fellow yogis. 

I started practicing yoga about 6 years ago when I found myself living in an intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii called, Kalani. Kalani is a non-profit retreat center focused on yoga and permaculture; it's operated mostly by volunteers.

I did a work-exchange at Kalani in 2014 shortly after Hurricane Iselle devastated the island. For three months, I lived in a little tent village and worked in the horticulture department revitalizing the recently damaged landscape. When I wasn't working, I had full access to all yoga or meditation classes offered at the resort. Kalani means 'heaven' in Hawaiian, and, oh boy, I was certainly living in it. 

Before quarantine started I was a yogi only in a yoga classroom. Now, I practice weekly, often without instruction. With summer in full swing I've brought my practice outside. When I can, I love starting my day with an incredibly zen morning of yoga on the beach.

Whether you already start your day in a tripod headstand or just want an hour of "me" time by the water, the following are a couple tips in brining your yoga practice to the beach and achieving ultimate beach relaxation.

Bring something to lay on. 

beach yoga

If you have an exercise mat laying around, grab it. If not, I love this Giam Yoga Mat. It's foldable, lightweight, and easy to travel with.

A beach towel works totally fine too. This L.L. Bean oversized stripped beach towel is on my wish list. I can't get enough of the 'sea glass' option. 

Don't forget your water bottle.

Even if your yoga is more of a mental exercise than physical one it's always a good idea to have something to sip on nearby. A hot day will dehydrated you and thirst is distracting.

My fiance has been making iced herbal tea at the beginning of the week. It's so refreshing, full of antioxidants, and caffeine free. My favorite zen blends are: Flowering Rock Atheia Botanical Blend to Hydrate and Calm and Traditional Medicinals Chamomile-Lavender

Wear healing stones.

wear healing stones for ultimate beach relaxation

Ok ok, this is going to far, I know, but it's ok to have a little fun and dabble in the world of gemstones and healing properties. Take from this what you will and remember, often times placebos work. Oh and if you don't believe me just ask Cousin Karen, she can see your aura radiate all the way from the west coast. 

Anyways, there are certain semi precious gemstones that will help you achieve ultimate beach zen. Consider these to enhance your relaxation:

howlite semi precious healing stone


This white marbled stone is used to reduce anxiety, tension, and stress. Consider wearing a howlite bracelet or necklace when you want your shavasana to turn into a beach nap. 

turquoise healing stone for beach relaxation


Everyone's favorite semi-precious gemstone. Turquoise is known to calm your spirit and detoxify negative emotions from the mind. Wear it when you want to wash your worries away in the waves. Our Rayminder uv awareness bracelet in cyan turquoise is a summer favorite. 

moonstone healing stone for beach relaxation


Light illuminates from within opalescent mineral. Moonstone is thought to have grounding and balancing properties that can ease that weight on your shoulders. Wear moonstone if you want every day to feel like a walk on the beach.

Find a sequence of poses that works for you.

beach yoga

beach yoga

beach yoga

There is so much information about yoga on the internet these days you can absolutely find a practice that works for you. When I plan to head outdoors with my yoga mat, I like to download and print a sequence chart for a little guidance. Spotebi is a great resource for this. I love the Happiness Flow and Full Body Stretch for a beach practice. 

Perhaps you're limited in your mobility. Yoga is about breath so focus there. There are a number of great meditations apps like Simple Habit, Calm, and Headspace. Or, simply close your eyes and breath. 

Or don't. 



Fun. I did some hotel room yoga the other night with no instruction. It felt so good. I want to get a paddle board and do SUP Yoga!

Erin Alexander July 27, 2020

Love this post! Love my gemstone bracelet!!

China July 27, 2020

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