Memorial Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt

You might not find yourself at a backyard barbecue this weekend but it still feels like Memorial Day weekend if you look close enough. Celebrate with Sailormade and join us by playing our Memorial Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt. 

Download our printable PDF or share our Instagram story and see how many of the following Memorial Day weekend traditions you experience this weekend. 

☐ Smell the scent of a barbecue wafting into your space. 

☐ Find an American flag.

☐ See an Instagram post of someone's very patriotic food spread.

☐ Witness a car parade or socially-distanced parade.

☐ Eat a lobster roll.

☐ Experience temperamental weather. 

☐ Find a shell.

☐ Chug a beer.

☐ Take a polar plunge. 

☐ Sing-along to the Star-Spangled Banner.  

☐ Play a lawn game. (Even if you have to do it inside).

☐ Thank a veteran. 

☐ Have a picnic. (Or, lay a picnic blanket over your table).

☐ Wear a bathing suit. 

☐ Garden.

☐ Be grateful you're not stuck in traffic.

☐ See a dog wearing a red, white, and blue bandana.

☐ Light a sparkler.

☐ Spot a boat.

☐ Take Monday off.

Compete with your friends to see who can find all 20 first.

Download our shareable scavenger hunt PDF HERE.

Download our shareable Instagram story HERE.

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