The Sailormade Spring Wish List

When we have the few warm days of Spring in Boston, you can expect to find us sitting on our front steps with a glass of white wine toasting to yet another New England winter behind us. As the lingering afternoon sun soaks into our skin and we watch the sun go down, at 7pm instead of 5pm, we are in full denial that there will inevitably be a snow flurry in the forecast in April...

Regardless, we can't help but to get excited for temperatures that reach above 50 degrees, longer days, and sunshine. In anticipation of brighter days ahead and in honor of the end of Women's History Month we've put together a Sailormade Spring Wish List. Check out our curated spring shopping guide of must-have items from female-founded businesses in Massachusetts and the Sailormade accessories that compliment them. 

1. The Caep Case

Female founder: Co E.
Find her on a map: Chatham, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @thecaep

Trust us when we say you need to upgrade your phone case to a Caep Case. The Caep Case marries fashion and function by adding a detachable rope strap to your phone case so you can wear your phone across your body. The stylish, adjustable rope strap is offered in an array of colors to keep your wardrobe up to date with each new season. Follow the adventures of female founder, Co, on her beach walks along the sandy shores of Chatham, MA. 

the queensland green caep iphone case with detachable nautical rope strap

green caep detachable iphone case

caep case detachable nautical rope strap for phone case in green

climbing on classic range rover with caep case in chatham

women's elsewhere single wrap rope bracelet in pink, white, charcoal


2. Farm + Sea

Female founder: Mary S.
Find her on a map: Amesbury, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @Farm_Sea

Nothing says Spring like a fresh ocean breeze with wafts of seagrass and budding flowers. Farm + Sea offers a beautiful selection of fragrances to compliment each season. We keep one of Farm + Sea's reed diffusers in the Boat House studio at all times. When we look out our window we don't see Boston traffic going South, we see blue water lapping against pristine sandy beaches.

seagrass and cucumber farm and sea candle

farm + sea reed diffusers, a female-foudned new england business

boston based females owned business Sailormade, whatknot beaded necklace with semi precious gemstones sea glass frosted finish

3. Joy Street Kids 

Female founder: Liza E.
Find her on a map in: Boston, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @JoyStreetKids

Quarantine pregnancies means springtime babies. So, we are stocking up on the adorable clothes and accessories from Joy Street Kids. The hand drawn Boston print is of course our go-to for expecting families. The soft 100% Pima Cotton has us wondering when adult sizes will be available 😆.

joy street kids boston print new born and baby pajamas

joy street kids baby onesie with hand drawn boston pattern

Joy street kids baby blanket with hand painted boston pattern

The parents of the little one have a lot of work ahead of them! If they can't make it to the beach this Spring, give them the gift that will remind them a beach vacation is right around the corner. 

men's and women's nautical rope coordinating couples bracelets


4. Organic Bath Co.

Female founder: Gianne D.
Find her on a map: Boston, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @OrganicBath

That salt air and sunshine feel magnificent against your skin. However,  the long New England winter spent bundled up indoors may leave your skin feeling extra dehydrated after a day spent outdoors under the sun. That's why we love Organic Bath Co's super hydrating bath products that work to repair and replenish your skin. Our favorite products: Nourish Night Face Balm and Drenched Organic Body Body with Argan & Jojoba.

organic bath co zesty morning body wash

boston based business, woman founded organic bath co

rayminder uv awareness bracelet for sun safety

5. Proud Pour

Female founder: Berlin Crystal Kelley
Find her on a map: Boston, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @ProudPour

Proud Pour says it all in the name, a wine you are proud to pour. Each wine is yes, delicious, and stands for an amazing cause. Sip Pinot for Bees, Rose for Reefs, and, our favorite, Sauvignon Blanc for the Oysters. Each individual bottle of the crisp, Mendocino County wine restores 100 wild oysters to estuary ecosystems. They sponsor a non-profit very close to our hearts here at Sailormade, the Mass Oyster Project.

proud pour sauvignon blanc white wine for oyster reef restoration

New England based, woman founded business proud pour wine sauvignon blanc to support oyster reef restoration

sailormade decoupage oyster shell diy kit

6. Chappy Wrap

Female founder: Mom + Daughter Duo, Beth + Christina
Find them on a map in: Boston + Cambridge, MA
Find the collection HERE.
Follow on Instagram: @ChappyWrap

When the temperature changes from numbers below freezing to 50F+ it feels like a tropical paradise in Boston. However, we all know that chilly is chilly when you're sitting out on beach and the sun starts to go down. That's where Chappy Wrap blankets come in. Wrap this oversized, soft to the touch, cotton blend blanket around you and cozy up on the beach until morning.

chappy wrap fleece blanket

chappy wrap stripped blue fleece blanket

chappy wrap blanket in blue and white stripes massachusetts based woman owned business


women's nautical sailormade sailing bracelet stack for the yachting lifestyle

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