My Memorial Day Weekend Packing List for Sun Protection

memorial day packing list for sun safety


Any native New Englander knows that there is a 50/50 chance that the weather over Memorial Day weekend will be 75 and sunny or 50 and rainy. That does not change the fact that for most of us, this three day weekend marks the start of beach season. So, we've rounded up our favorite products to pack for your first beach weekend of 2021. In honor of May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month we have highlighted our essential items for extra sun protection. 

1. UPF Clothing

UPF sun protective clothing from Mott50

Mott50 offers resort wear for men, women, and kids and is our favorite brand for fashionable sun protective apparel. Not only are their fabrics colorful, cheerful, and fun but they also offer UPF50+ sun protection. 

I love the transitional mix-and-match set's from Mott50. Right now, I'm feeling the Madeline Short Sleeve V-neck One Piece Swimsuit with the coordinating Alana Wrap Skirt. I can wear it from the beach to the bar and if it gets chilly I can throw a sweater on top and I still feel put together. My next purchase is definitely the Secret Garden Set so that I can exercise on the beach (a little downward dog in the sand, anyone?) then jump into the water. 

2. Hats

sailormade hat for sun protection

When you are spending time outside your face will generally be exposed to the sun, so it's especially important to shade your face when fully exposed to UV rays at the beach or on the boat. Wear the Sailormade Logo Hat for extra sun protection. It's an easy item to have a few of, so make sure to keep one in your beach bag. 

 3. Sunglasses

maui jim sunglasses for sun protection

maui jim sunglasses for sun protection

My go-to for sunglasses when I am heading out for a cruise on the boat are my Maui Jim Koko Heads. I purchased these at the Annapolis Boat Show a few years ago and they are the best thing one too many Painkillers has ever lead to.

My Koko Head lenses are polarized so I can see through the surface of the water when I'm reeling in a fish 😉. Plus, all Maui Jims sunglasses block 100% of harmful UV rays so they will protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them.

uv awareness jewelry for sun safety + protection

4. Sun Safety Jewelry

rayminder uv awareness jewelry for sun safety and sun protection

rayminder uv awareness jewelry for sun safety and sun protection

uv awareness bracelet for sun protection and safety rayminderPack Sailormade Rayminder UV Awareness Jewelry as your everyday ray-minder that you need to wear sunscreen whether it is warm enough for the beach or not.

This collection was designed for water lovers and beach bums. We know you love to spend time under the sun, and we believe you should continue to do so, safely. Each one of our Rayminder UV Awareness bracelets and necklaces has UV sensitive beads; as the rays of the sun get stronger, the UV bead changes from cloudy to a shade of pink, purple, or orange. As the UV bead deepens in color it's your ray-minder to apply (or re-apply) sunscreen and take other sun protection measures like taking shade or covering up. 

Yes, the Rayminder UV Awareness Collection is designed with sun safety in mind but does not forego style. With 12 semi-precious gemstone options to choose from and now 3 precious metal options too (rose gold, anyone?) you are sure to find a sea-chic accessory you will want to wear whether you're sipping rosé on Lighthouse Beach or running errands around Boston. 

shop rayminder uv awareness jewelry for sun protection here

5. Sunscreen

rayminder uv awareness collection for sun protection to remind you to wear sunscreen

Ray-member to pack your sunscreen! Create a daily sunscreen routine so forgetting to pack your bottle of SPF is as inconvenient as forgetting your toothbrush. Personally, I use a daily moisturizer that has SPF 30 mixed in; on the days when I am out on the boat I make sure to double down with a sport lotion that I reapply every two hours. 

If you want to learn more about sun safety measures and how to reduce your risk of developing melanoma check out IMPACT Melanoma is a national nonprofit working to prevent skin cancer through awareness and education. Their website provides resources on how to prevent and spot skin cancer.

Support skin cancer prevention by stacking your Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelets! $1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma.

rayminder uv awareness jewelry for sun safety

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