How to Care For Your Skin Before and After Sun Exposure According to Skin Care Experts and Sun-lovers

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month so we've asked skin care experts and avid sun-lovers their advice on how to take care of your skin before and after sun exposure. Read below to learn more about products that are good for you skin and the ocean, skin care routines for extra hydration, and precautions to take for optimal sun protection. 

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How to Care For Your Skin Before and After Sun Exposure According to Skin Care Experts and Sun-lovers.

lauren browning co founder of ricki rum

Lauren Browning, co-founder at Ricki Rum

"Running a sustainable swimwear business means a lot of time out in the sun. Every morning after I shower I apply sunscreen all over my body, Sun Bum is my favorite because it is reef safe. If I'm spending time in the pool or at the beach I always reapply after getting out of the water. At night, I make sure to hydrate my skin (my favorite moisturizer is IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream) because as much as I love a good tan, I don't want any sun damage reflected on my face!"

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ursa major skin care products with spf from sault new england

Philip Saul, proprietor at Sault New England

"Who doesn't deserve a day in the sun relaxing and unwinding? The key is to get sun kissed not sun slapped. Here is my skin routine pre and post beach day:

1. I apply the Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion on my face, neck, and shoulders. It's a SPF18 and works really well. It's non-scented and doesn't clog up your pores. I toss this in my beach bag and re-apply after swimming.

2. Post the beach I use the Ursa Fantastic Face Wash in the shower. This is my everyday face wash and removed all SPF from the day but doesn't leave your face dry and tight. 

3. Finally, I use the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream. This was made for those post summer days. It's a super-rich cream that hydrates the skin. This too can be used as a daily moisturizer."

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Michelle Schluter, Body & Skin Rejuvenation 

"I recommend applying an SPF that contains titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide (these reflect the suns rays and are immediately effective rather than chemicals that need to soak into the skin) before and during the day as well as a wide brim hat to protect your skin from the powerful sun rays. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water keeps your skin and body healthy and younger looking, longer as well as making you feel better after a long day in the sun." 

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alyssa king skin care specialist

Alyssa King, Vital Essence Skin Care Studio

"Hydration internally and topically is key after several hours in the sun. Drinking copious amounts of water is just as important as applying water to your skin. Look for water pulling ingredients, such as sodium hyaluronate, in your skincare, to help stressed skin bounce back. Temperature is just as pertinent when it comes to your skin's health. Before a trip to the beach, put your favorite spritz toner, Jade roller or facial globes in the refrigerator to assist in cooling your skin long after sun exposure. Utilizing ingredient specific skincare and beauty tools are a sure way to keep your skin glowing all summer long."

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Beluga Batch Co hydrating bath bomb

Kelly Orts, co-founder of Beluga Bath Co.

"At the end of a beach day, your skin will need extra special care! After cleaning and washing your skin from sunscreen, sand, and the ocean, you will want to hydrate and moisturize as well. Our "Poseidon" bath bomb has moisturizing ingredients for all skin types, including shea butter, oatmeal, and coconut oil. On rainy or cold days, an alternative to a beach trip can be to enjoy a beach-inspired bath bomb, such as our "Deep Blue" bath bomb filled with dead sea salt, seaweed, epsom salt, and bergamot essential oil."

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Jennifer Fox from FoxSea Skin on a cape cod beach

Jennifer Fox, found of FoxSea Skin

"I spent my childhood romping on the beaches of Cape Cod, and not once do I recall having sun protection applied to me. As a teen, I recall dedicating hours to perfecting my tan by applying cooking oil to my limbs. I shudder to think of those days now. In my early 30s I had to have three different spots removed after discovering some pre-cancerous cells. Since then, I've been very diligent about protection from the sun - both for me and for my young sons. These days, you'll find me on my favorite Cape beach with a giant sun hat and sunglasses, a long sleeve rash guard (I always stock up on J.Crew's options), some neon Zinka nose coat and a full complement of Supergoop! products. I have even worn yoga leggings over my suit from time to time (still looking for the perfect full body option). I love being in the water and playing in the sand too much to give it up. I arm myself with as many tools as possible so I don't miss a minute on the beach with my boys. 

Post beach (or pool, when I'm landlocked), I apply my FoxSea Skin Universal Oil to damp body skin after my shower. For my face, I spritz with either an Evian atomizer (I've kept a can by my side since the early 90s) or a FoxSea Skin hydrosol and then immediately press quite a few drops of FoxSea Skin Eternal Oil into my face, neck and chest. Then I swipe Eye Eye, Captain underneath my eyes, only tapping it into the skin if I'm going out in public, otherwise I just let the oil sink in over time. The blends of ingredients in these three beauty oil products contain ultra nourishing, plant powered oils that give skin a variety of benefits. I prefer these (and many other brands') golden oils because they're powerful yet completely clean. Every drop contains skin benefitting compounds, not fillers, synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Universal Oil in particular contains avocado oil, which helps reduce inflammation and soothe skin thanks to essential fatty acids and oleic acid, making it perfect for post sun exposure. While this isn't great for FoxSea sales, I have recommended to friends, family and customers that when you can't find your favorite body oil, an organic, culinary grade bottle of straight avocado oil from the market is a fantastic option. Even consuming avocados are reported to help protect skin from damaging UV rays, but I definitely do not advise skipping SPF in lieu of guacamole.

My favorite summer skincare tip is to keep beauty products in the fridge, because it makes everything feel so refreshing. I now keep one of those mini pink fridges seen all over Instagram in my bathroom, so I don't have to trek to the kitchen after each shower."

uv sun rays

rayminder uv sensitive bracelets for sun awareness and safety

The best way to reduce your risk of skin cancer is by completely removing yourself from the reach of uv rays. Well, you can't have vitamin sea without Vitamin D so this May consider adding a sun safety measure to your daily routine to reduce your sun exposure.

If you have trouble remembering SPF in the morning or to re-apply throughout the day, wear a Rayminder UV Awareness bracelet or necklace as your ray-minder that uv rays are damaging your skin whether you are lounging poolside all day or running to grab coffee at the cafe next door. 

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