It's Melanoma Monday! Let's talk about Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Happy May! May is one of our favorite months, because not only does the weather truly shine and the boats start to slip into the water here in New England, but May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month, which is something here at Sailormade we are passionate about.

...for women
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Skin Cancer Awareness Month is an annual observance held in May to raise awareness about skin cancer, promote prevention, and encourage early detection and treatment. The campaign aims to educate the public about the risks of skin cancer, provide information on prevention methods, and emphasize the importance of regular skin screenings.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world, and it primarily develops due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds. Head to the bottom of this page for links for resources and our favorite brands for sun protection.

The Sailormade Rayminder UV Awareness Collection

Since 2019, we have grown our UV Awareness Collection from bracelets for women to pieces for men and kid's alike. Our UV awareness bracelets feature UV sensitive beads that change from clear to color when exposed to UV rays from the sun. That change in color is your rayminder to apply SPF each and everyday.

$1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma, a national non-profit working to prevent further instances of skin cancer through awareness and education.

Starting next week, we’ll be featuring our limited edition once-a-month Rayminder bracelet drops for 2023, so make sure to stay tuned and stock up on some gorgeous new pieces coming soon!

...for women
...for men
...for kids



IMPACT Melanoma
Skin Cancer Foundation
American Academy of Dermatology Association


At Sailormade, we like sunscreen that is good for our bodies and good for the planet. Here are some of our favorite sunscreen brands:

CoTZ Sunscreen
Sun Bum

UV Protective Clothing


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