3 Ways To Stack Your Men's Fid Cuff Bracelet

Last week, our Sea Spritz post was all about the history of fids, check it out HERE. This nautical tool is the inspiration behind our men's Fid Cuff bracelet. This week, we want to show you 3 different ways to stack this cuff with our favorite men's bracelets.

Join the League

Our League Bracelet paired with the Fid Cuff in lacquered brass is, by far, one of our favorite ways to stack. The soft nature of the braided cotton balances out the industrial feel of the cuff. We're all nostalgic for those cotton bracelets we'd never take off as kids; this combo is great for a guy that's gained an air of sophistication but still wants to weather his story into his accessories.

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Mix your metals

You don't have to choose to be a "brass guy" or a "silver guy". Mixing your metals shows your adventurous side. Our Fid Cuff in oxidized silver stacked with our Journey Canvas in brass is an easy, breezy combo that says, "I like what I like."

SHOP: Journey Double Wrap Canvas Bracelet in Bretton Red and the Fid Cuff Bracelet in Oxidized Silver 

Keep it nautical

If you're wearing Sailormade chances are your style already has a nautical flair. Our Fid Cuff and Brummel Rope Bracelet combo is an all time classic. The sinuous pattern carved into the cuff follows the twist of our 3-strand rope. These two bracelets go together like boats and water. 

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