A Titanic Estate

Can you hear Jack Dawson whisper in the wind? I do. He's saying, "only $37,000,000." That's the price tag on this Newport estate previously owned by John Jacob Astor, the richest person to sail upon and perish on the Titanic. 

The Ocean Ave address, and relative elevation of the mansion, allows for views of both sunrise and sunset. The home comes with two moorings and access to a private cove. Don't tire yourself out trying to make it down to the water as you voyage over 45 acres of land. Silly me, you will probably have a fleet of golf carts and chauffeurs to shuffle you about!  

Interested in this property? Check out the listing HERE. And don't forget, not only will you be purchasing one heck of a home for family vacations, you'll also be preserving a piece of history. 

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