An Interview With Riptide Reggie

Riptide Reggie's SnorklesPRODUCT LAUNCH. Today calls for a celebration as we officially launch our Riptide Reggie dog line. This collection of leashes and collars is, of course, inspired by our water-loving pup, Reggie. He kept asking us for a sea-spired accessory that would remind him of his runs along the seashore when we're back in Boston walking him around the block.

As Reggie is the mastermind behind this line, we thought it would be best to let him tell you why he's traded in all his old leashes for this one. (Please note, we did our best to translate his woof-bark-howls into English.)

Reggie, to start, tell us what walks are like as a dog. 

Thanks, Bridget, I'd love to tell you about it. As you know, I'm a city dog which means I take all my walks on a leash. However, my favorite walks are leashless. I love to run back-and-forth along the beach, explore tidal pools, chase birds and eat crab shells. 

Oof, crab shells? That's gotta cause an unhappy stomach. 

Howl howl, oh yeah. Makes my human Dad pretty angry too. 

I bet. So, why a line crafted with rope? 

That's easy. First off, I might be a city dog, but sandy weekends have my heart. I wanted this line to represent my love of the ocean.

Second, I'm a pretty simple pup. Other nautical dog products weren't doing it for me. The leash I designed is what I like to call salty-sleek. We've spliced both ends by hand to make it a single, continuous line. No whipping, no chunky twine, just one simple rope.


Totally get that. What can you tell me about the craftsmanship of the two pieces?

I've got a keen eye for quality. We chose a braided nylon rope for its ability to stand up to the seasons. This stuff is used for actual marine purposes. Think salt, water, wind, weather and a thousand-pound boat holding onto its buoy. It's going to last. Our hardware is solid brass too. We sourced it from an exceptional hardware manufacturer who has always done incredible work for us in the past.

And why a quick release collar instead of one that snaps on?

I'll be honest, I'm not a collar guy. For walks around the city, I wear my harness. Occasionally, when I'm getting off the boat and walking to the car or getting groomed and going through the parking lot, I need something that slips on quick without the hassle of getting a harness on. 

Makes sense. What's one thing you can tell us about the line that I didn't already ask you? 

We use expert rope workers right here in New England, so these bad boys are made in the USA. Oh, and if you mix and match your collar and leash colors it makes for a really sick look. 

Ok, just two questions left and these are quick. 


How many leashes and collars do you really have? And what's your favorite color?

So, I said you only need one but I did have to sample them before bringing them to market. I have three. The Buoy Orange is absolutely my favorite. 

This has been great. Thanks, Reggie. 

Not a problem. Bark at you later. 


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Riptide Reggie

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