An Upstate Oasis

I've been planning a little weekend getaway for someone rather close to me (shh, it's a surprise). As I can't indulge my boyfriend, Zac, in the details of his 31st birthday I will instead indulge you... 

I'd love to spoil Zac with a luxurious and seductive weekend somewhere haute but we are still coming off of our trip to Peru. Adventure doesn't require a plane ticket or vacation days so at 5pm this evening I will heading to Zac's office, bags packed and car loaded, with a cupcake and a blindfold. The final destination:

Hudson, NY

The trendy escape only 3 hours from Boston and even closer to New York is aptly named for its picturesque juxtaposition on the Hudson River. The town of Hudson has a vibrant art and food scene. The Catskills are right next door offering endless outdoor adventures. 

I nabbed a great, unabashedly hipster AirBnb for our stay. The real selling point came from Ted's shining five star review:

We enjoyed our stay! The space is in a great location and the hosts are very friendly and responsive. Also quite possible that the space is haunted (we experienced some strange flickering lights and weird doors closing/etc, but other than that, the ghosts seemed quite friendly). Thanks! : ) 

Ghosts? I'm in. The apartment does look like it has secrets with it's dark green walls, heavy leather furniture and antique accents.  


Post-kidnapping, we will trek through traffic down I-90W and hopefully arrive at our AirBnb by 8:30. I'm hoping for a lite-bite at Lil' Debs Oasis. This cheerful spot is a woman-powered business that mixes both art and food for a well rounded dining experience. The highlights of the Pan-Latin menu include: 

Llapingacho | potato and cheese cake, peanut salsa, fried egg, pickle curtido
Spicy Chorizo Larb | herbs, crispy onions, lettuce cups
Whole Fried Fish | green herb salad, citrus-ginger vinaigrette

Assuming we will be running off the adrenalin of taking and being taken we will proceed to The Half Moon Hudson for a nightcap and music. 

We better get a good night's sleep because, boy, do we have a big day. 
Our AirBnb is conveniently located next to the Hudson Farmers Market. A quick browse and purchase of breakfast and we will be on our way to the Kaaterskills Falls.

This 4.5 mile loop will bring us past the Kaaterskills Waterfall and up to Inspiration Point. This is a well traveled trail perfect for us inexperienced hikers. 

We have worked up an appetite by this point and will head back into Hudson for a Dim Sum Brunch at Back Bar. Back Bar is the sister restaurant to the ~*fanciest*~ restaurant in town, Fish & Game. Back Bar is much more casual with it's colorful accents and communal dining. The vibe hits me as tiki bar meets speakeasy. My extensive Yelp research suggests to select the "inventive" options on the menu. 

There ain't no rest for the wicked so after lunch we will head straight to Livingston for a agricultural tour with Farmer Mike. This outing is not just about pygmy goats and shetland ponies. There is a serious farm in our future and we've got to learn a thing or two about caring for animals. (And I hear there are donuts and warm apple cider at the end of the tour). 

At this point, I think we deserve a break. We will swing around to Crossroads Brewing to pick up some local beers then head back to the AirBnb. Apparently, their Outrage IPA is dope.

If we have the energy, a spontaneous walk around town might proceed dinner. Our reservation is booked for 8pm at WF Farmer & Sons. The Americana restaurant sources their food from local Hudson Valley Farms (I'll be sure to ask if they know Farmer Mike). The menu highlights:

Fisherman's Hash | Smoked Trout, Adirondack Potato, Farm Egg, Trout Roe

Baby Bok Choy Oshitashi | Maine Mussels, Saffron Cream, Sesame, Chili Thread
Plantation Quali | Kentucky Tavern Spoonbread, Sweet Corn Chow-Chow, Cured Tomato 

I think that will be enough for one day. 


Peer the advice of my brother and his fiance Riverton Tavern is a must brunch spot and the perfect end to our trip. Dare I go sweet with the dutch baby pancake with whipped ricotta and local maple syrup or savory with the grits, smoked tomato, soft egg, parm and chickpeas? Well, I'll never know, or shall I say: next time! We've got a party to get to so instead our final stop will be at Moto Coffee Machine.

The bike shop meets coffee bar offers the best cup of joe in town perfect to gets us moving on our way. 

If we get a head start out of town, we will have one more site to hit. The High Falls Conservation Area is just outside of Hudson heading back towards Boston. It is a very low key, flat mile and a half loop that brings you around another beautiful waterfall. We mindswell take advantage of the fresh spring air while we can.

And that's that! 

I promise I planned this trip for Zac's birthday and not my half birthday ;-). It is a pretty well thought out itinerary but is certainly subject to change. I'll follow up with Part II: The Real Hudson, NY and fill you in with our actual experience. 

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