Head of the Charles 2019: Top 5 Takeaways

The Head of the Charles this past weekend was an absolute blast. We could not have had better weather. Here are my Top 5 Takeaways from my first regatta:

Top 5 Takeaways from the Head of the Charles 2019

1. Watching crew boats go by is meditative. 

Moreover, watching from a distance is meditative. I know if you were right up close to those boats you would see the rowers muscles swelled and sweat dripping but from the shoreline the crew is so sasyncd and cutting through the water like butter. I could spend all day watching them, which brings me to my second point...  

2. Next year, I'm packing a picnic. 

And it will be a full spread, bottle of wine (or two) and all! Again, I could sit back and watch the races all day. Why not do so fully prepared to stay in one place for a couple of hours? 

3. Sailormade needs representation at the Head of the Charles. 

Why not? I had no idea the HOCR "Village" was so decked out with different brands! Try to convince me that Sailormade is not the perfect jewelry to represent this water-centric sport? There is a lot time between races, shopping sounds like the perfect pass time to me. Side note, Zac was wearing one of our incredible hats during the the race. 

4. It was the perfect excuse to get family together. 

Having a significant other work so hard to make it onto a boat for the Head of the Charles was the perfect reason to get family and friends together. The timing of the race was perfect to have everyone gather in Harvard Square at 11, walk down to the Anderson Bridge for the 11:23 race, and then head towards Beacon Hill for a celebratory lunch afterwards. 

5. Bolt Printing & Embroidery and Fiverr.com are my two new secret weapons. 

My custom "Zac shirts" went over VERY well. Fiverr.com is such a fun and inexpensive resource for custom artwork. Bolt Printing & Embroidery made getting these shirts so, so easy. They had incredible rates for a small quantity (and take orders as low as 1) and had them shipped out to me within a week! AND, the quality is great. They get 5* from me.


Overall, I had such an amazing weekend and Zac got to check "Head of the Charles" off his bucket list. I know he's going to train even harder for next year's race and I can't wait to be fully prepared for it. If you have the chance to check out any regatta definitely take advantage of it whether you know someone competing or not. 

 Sailormade Hat in Blue during the Head of the Charles 2019

Head of the Charles custom shirt 2019 Head of the Charles celebratory drinks 2019
zac on a crew boat
Check out Scullingfool Photography for more pictures from the race.

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