How to Splice Double Braided Rope

For those of you that know your ropework you are aware that you can tie, knot, whip or splice to create a loop, secure hardware to the rope, or tie off an end. We chose to splice the ends of our rope for the Riptide Reggie line. At face value, we thought the double splice gave our leash and collar a super sleek look that nodded to the marina. Functionally, the marine cord rope is industrially designed to withstand time, weather and weight. Finishing the piece with splices, as opposed to knots or whip stitches, allows the rope to maintain it's full strength. Pair that with our selectively spec-ed hardware and you have the only leash and collar you will ever need. 

So, how do you splice double braided rope? I'll be honest with you, it ain't easy and written instructions are no help. Lucky for us, Boat U.S. has put together an excellent how-to video. Check it out below:

Ready to try splicing rope? Make sure to pick up one of our Fids. Just kidding. You should check out the Boat U.S. instructions here. Or, save yourself the hassle and instead check out our fabulous line of Riptide Reggie gear ready to be purchased today.  



If you didn't get the chance to read our interview with Riptide Reggie himself, find that chat here.

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OMG That didn’t look easy at all! So glad that you’re making these and not me!!! (Although I do like the BTS)
Thanks for sharing

kris October 04, 2019

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