Party Like The Puritans

Did you know that you can relive the beginnings of the Thanksgiving celebration at Plimouth Plantation? Plimouth Plantation offers a 17th Century themed dining experience with a well stocked buffet showcasing local ingredients and traditional cuisine. Apparently, this is a hot event and tickets sell out fast. Not to worry, they also offer a "Story of Thanksgiving" Dinner as well as a New England Harvest Feast throughout the end of the month. 

If any of you make it this month please answer these two questions for me:

1. Do they serve wine? That would be very inauthentic and un-puritan like, but I'd be ok with it. 
2. Do they provide you with a 17th c fashionable getup? 

You can let me know if the comments below.

Get more information and purchase tickets here.

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