Characteristics of a True Beach House (They're Not What You Think)

We can all agree that ocean views and beach front property are fabulous qualities of a summer house. To me, it's the details lacking grandeur that make a beach house a home. It's the small choices made for function over fashion, like the absence of carpets so sand is easier to clean up, and the seasonality of the decor that allows for our presence to fill the space with personality. 

That said, there are a few items that are essential to any beach house, and, if they are not at yours, I can guarantee they are at the neighbors next door. 

Here are the items I believe are essential to any beach house:

-An outdoor shower.
-Peanut butter, in case you get in too late to grocery shop.
-Driftwood, found at the beach.
-A wild raspberry bush.


shingled house by the coast-A good grill. 

-Any number of fishing rods, half with tangled reels.

fishing rods

-An unwelcome visit from a skunk.
-A boogie board.



-A fire pit.
-Fireworks (shh).
-Damp towels.
-More importantly, extra towels.
-Adirondack chairs.

-A happy dog.

harry the happy dog

-A well stocked wine and beer fridge. 
-A half dozen empty sunscreen bottles.

-A collection of something obscure.

crab shells on the beach

-Lady bugs.
-The subtle scent of mildew.

And time that finally feels like it's moving at a breathable speed.  

We can't leave out these additions from Michelle M. 
Sun-kissed cheeks,
The ice cream truck,
Sandy toes,
And sandy floors.
And a few more from Beth W.
Sandy, water-logged paperback, 
T-shirts and flip flops someone left behind (who knows who?),
A beat-up car (ours has mice) to drive to the beach.
I bet you have more to add to this list. Add them to the comments below, I'd love to hear what makes a beach house a home to you. 


Wow, interesting! This is my first time hearing about outdoor showers which are a staple of a beach house. Now, my in-laws are going to spend their summer break in Florida. They could look further into this option when making a reservation afterward.

Sam Andrews October 19, 2023

Lovely gifts from weekend guests

Jackie September 25, 2020

Beachboard, Boogieboard, Surfboard, Paddleboard, Skateboard, Skimboard and a pair of Hobies

John OBrien September 17, 2020

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