Zac's Vieques Packing List


For the 3 night trip to Vieques I followed my custom of over-packing and completely misjudging what I would actually need ("2 linen suits for the weekend? Better make it 3 to be safe.") With that being said the weekend was amazing and my Sailormade gear was perfect reminder to put down the devices, pick up the frozen drink, and focus on getting irie. 

My bag, which believe it or not fit in the overhead compartment, included the following:



3 comfortable cotton t-shirts

2 Aloha shirts (didn't wear either one of them)

1 ratty white button-down (perfect for the beach or ripping around in the Wrangler after I was a little sunburned and wanted to cover my arms)

2 bathing suits (I only wore one, but it's not gross because I rinsed it at the end of every day [right??])

1 pair of jeans (wore on the travel days and at night after mozzies were ravaging my bare legs)

3 pairs of shorts (didn't wear - it's an island, wear a bathing suit [duhhh])

Blue Sailormade hat (Crucial - kept me from getting sunburned, wore all day every day)

Suncloud polarized sunglasses (cheapest available pair of polarized sunglasses, ideal for travel because no great loss if they vanish)

Maroon Sailormade Charger Bracelet (Love this bracelet. Unobtrusive and the maroon rope developed a nice fade from the salt water)

Durable, water-resistant speaker (Loaded up iphone with a few late 80s/early 90s Dead shows as well as some roots reggae and felt the vacation vibes take hold --- rum also helps with that FYI)

2 books and a few magazines (Guys...seriously...I really wanted to make progress on my nightstand stack of books, but see above comment re the rum)

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