UV Awareness Jewelry for beach bums

Admit it, you're a total beach bum and you have a bad habit of forgetting to apply sunscreen. This collection is for YOU.
Our Rayminder bracelets and necklaces pair semi-precious gemstones with UV sensitive beads. When you are exposed to UV rays from the sun, the UV beads change from clear to color. As bow tied around your finger reminds you to pick up milk at the store, our uv beads ray-mind you that you need to apply your sunscreen each and every day.
You have 12 different stones to choose from, each carefully selected to offer you elevated trips to the beach. For instance, need to lay a towel on the sand and really relax? Wear our moonstone bracelet. Or maybe you want a little extra luck at the next regatta. Try our sunstone necklace on for size. 
$1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma, a national nonprofit working to prevent skin cancer through awareness and education.