Limited Edition August Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet

$ 45

The limited edition August Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet is here! 

The August Rayminder UV Bracelet celebrates the colors of the rainbow with 6 different semi-precious gemstone beads and a UV sensitive bead that turns purple in the sun. Choose from two variations: sky blue cord or 4mm sterling silver beads, and #RaymemberSPF.

The rainbow of beads:

  • Red: Sunstone
  • Orange: Topaz Jade
  • Yellow: Lemon Jade
  • Green: Amazonite
  • Blue: Lapis Lazuli
  • Indigo(ish): Angelite
  • Violet: a UV bead that turns purple when exposed to sunlight

Choose from two variations:

  • 4mm sterling silver beads on an stretch cord
  • Sky blue fashion cord with an adjustable sliding knot

One size fits most.

$1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma, a Boston-based nonprofit working to reduce instances of melanoma through awareness and education.

*Our UV beads are for fashion and awareness purposes only, cannot gauge the UV Index, and should not be used for medical purposes. UV beads will remain a pink/purple/color until removed from sun. 


Please check our Size Guide before ordering any of our products as this will help make sure you get the right fit.


Please review the video below on how to measure your wrist for the perfect bracelet fit.


It's best if your Sailormade bracelet fits snugly. We suggest that you measure your wrist with a flat measuring tape. Wrap it tightly around your wrist to get your measurement then find the corresponding bracelet size on the chart below. This applies to any bracelet in our collection. Note: not all bracelets are offered in every size. 

If you're buying for someone else, use this as a starting point. Our sizing is unisex; the most popular size for women is a Medium and for men is a Large.

Small  6" wrist | 15.4cm
 Single: 7" Double: 14"

 6.5" wrist | 16.5cm 
 Single: 7.5" Double: 15"

Large  7" wrist | 17.8cm
 Single: 8" Double: 16"
    Extra Large  7.5" wrist | 19cm
 Single: 8.5" Double: 17"


We offer men's belts in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40. Sizing is simple. Just round up one step from your waist size. So, if your waist size is 34 or 35 then your belt should be a size 36.

Have questions on how the clasps work on your new jewelry? Watch our video tutorial here.