A Message (out of the bottle) from Calligrapher, Lexi Mayde

Everyone remembers their first lobster. 

Kindred Spirits

Hi readers, Lexi here! I’m an artist and calligrapher, and I also happen to call Bridget my oldest friend! Bridget and I grew up together, we’ve traveled together, we’ve even lived together, but we’ve never worked together—until now! Keep reading to learn about how our exciting collaboration, the SailorMAYDE Message in a Bottle, has been decades in the making. 

Reunited at Last

One of the highlights of each luxurious stretch of summer was when I would finally be reunited with my long-lost best friend, visiting her in Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. There, the long summer days stretched on like a strand of freshwater pearls: beautiful, shiny, and so different than the rest of my summer break. There was a lot to do down there—fishing, boating, riding our bikes to town—but there was one activity that stood out among the rest as our favorite: hermit crab, shall we say, caretaking? Let me explain…

chatham harbor sand bar

Chatham Harbor sandbar. Perfect habitat for minnow catching and mud wars.

Gifts from the Sea

From Bridget’s house, the ocean is just a short walk through a woodsy path with Secret Garden vibes. We would wind our way down to the water and squish our toes through the swath of muddy sand left exposed by the receding tide. We spent the precious hour or so of low tide corralling the hermit crabs that lingered on the sand bar. In the sand, we created little neighborhoods of pools for the critters, and decorated them with shells, stones, and drip castles. We watched them as they scurried around in the small world we’d built for them. And when the tide rolled back in, we’d say goodbye.

The Need to Create

sailorMAYDE message in a bottleWhether we were at home, or on Cape Cod, we were never satisfied to lounge at the beach or stay inside watching television—not that that was ever allowed by our parents. Bridget and I shared a creative spark as children, and that spark has never faded.  Now that we’re older, we both still choose to create on a regular basis, and we’re passionate about what we make. It was only natural right that we combine our crafts in this unique, ocean-inspired collaboration! 

Together, we present you with the SailorMAYDE Message in a Bottle. Now through Valentine's Day, send a custom calligraphy note written by me, packaged in a glass bottle with a Sailormade True Lover's Knot bracelet and a small bouquet of dried flowers. It's a simple way to show your loved one's they're on your mind. <3 

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Such a cute read! Sometimes the best Valentine’s are PALentines XO

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