The Salty 6: Holiday De-Stressers

With only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, holiday stress is at an all time high. Here at Sailormade, I am in the middle of moving studios, setting up for shows, shipping out holiday orders, etc. This is happening right in the midst of all the holiday obligations and social commitments I made weeks ago when they still sounded like a good idea. Generally, it's hard to keep your calm this time of year. Therefore, I wanted to share with you my Salty 6 go-to's for de-stressing this time of year in hopes there is some value in them for you. 

Read on: 

1. Watching The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans

Sometimes, at the end of a long day (or after a holiday party you really did not want to go to), you need to do let go of everything and do absolutely nothing. I suggest turning on The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans; your mind will wander away from your body and dip deep below the ocean's surface on a meditative journey. This BBC documentary is currently available on Netflix and can absolutely be put on repeat. 

2. Not over committing

Yeah, this is a tough one. Personally, I always want to say 'yes' and be at every holiday festival or all the fun holiday parties. I have a terrible track record of overcommitting. This year, I am doing my best to not rsvp to two events happening at the same time. My internal dialogue: "Go to to this one for an hour then catch the end of the other." Nope, Bridget, not this year. It's not fun to run around from place to place and only ever give half of yourself to whatever you're doing. Being present is important and that is my intention this season.

3. 1 small glass of Fernet

After a long day standing behind a table at a holiday craft show, I need something to look forward to when I get home. Right now, my usual chocolate no longer fits the bill. Recently, I've rediscovered Fernet. When I'm at hour 6, 7 or 8 at a show I anticipate enjoying the bitter and aromatic spirit and tasting all the herbs and spices brewed into this dark elixir. It's a digestive with medicinal benefits and feels warm in belly. I could have a cup of tea but this is better. 

4. Buying all of my Christmas presents from the same place.

This is the best stress saver ever. Why make Christmas and Hanukkah and any other holiday you celebrate with gifts too complicated? This year, I'm setting up an at home pasta making class for my family; one stop shop, done and done. If you're reading this and need ideas, how about getting yours friends and family something you like, how about you SHOP SAILORMADE?

5. A Salt Scrub

Baths, yoga, mediate- I'd like to tell you these activities help me unwind but who really ever has the time. Instead, when I start to feel stressed I simply try and take care of myself just a little bit better. One of the ways I do this is by adding a salt scrub into my routine. It's a really simple habit that makes me feel just a little bit better. Hey, it's always the small things.

6. Keep exercise a priority

I'm a little more motivated to make exercise a priority this season because I'm going to Jamaica for Christmas. As long as it's movement it's exercise. It can be a hardcore spin class first thing in the morning or a long walk with Reggie in the am that gets me outside. Not letting exercise slip to the wayside keeps my endorphins high, my energy levels up, and a little piece of structure in place during a chaotic time. If you like to get moving with your dog, check out post on the best dog beaches in New England HERE

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