The Rayminder Collection

rayminder uv awareness beaded beach jewelry

It's been MONTHS in the making and we are so excited to finally introduce you to the Rayminder Collection, our new line of UV awareness jewelry. 

Our Rayminder bracelets and necklaces pair semi-precious gemstones with UV sensitive beads. As the rays of the sun get stronger, the UV beads change from clear to color, ray-minding you when it's time to apply SPF.

uv awareness bracelet for the beach

We selected 12 different semi-precious gemstones. You can choose from the option of two beaded bracelet sizes, 4mm or 6mm beads, and a 6mm beaded necklace. Each has a brass wave charm, designed after our logo, bringing your mind back to the beach. Our Rayminder Necklace uses a brass wire clasp inspired by a fishing lure. Each bracelet and necklace is handmade in our Boston studio. 

I have to admit it, I got carried away when selecting beads - the stones are all so beautiful and unique. But, there is more to the surface than their outer beauty. Ok, ok, take this for what you will but semi-precious gemstones are said to have healing properties. I thought, why not have a little fun with this and gave each of our bracelets a "beach personality" of its own. Check out a couple of my favorite below and decide which creative boost you are in need of:

rayminder uv awareness beaded bracelet in howlite

Howlite. SHOP NECKLACES | SHOP BRACELETS Wear our Howlite Rayminder Bracelet when a beach nap is your endgame. Howlite helps to relax your mind and body and invites positive thoughts for peaceful dreaming. 





UV awareness beaded necklace in sunstone

Sunstone. SHOP NECKLACES | SHOP BRACELETS Our Sunstone Rayminder Necklace is perfect when it’s your turn to captain the ship. Sunstone unlocks your inner powers and aids in wise leadership. Wear this necklace when you need a boost of self-confidence and authority.

rayminder yv awareness beaded bracelet in angelite

Angelite. SHOP NECKLACES | SHOP BRACELETS Wear our Angelite Rayminder Bracelet when time well spent is time spent with friends. Angelite enhances connection and communication helping you to reminisce on the good old times and to cultivate new friendships on and off board. 

rayminder uv awareness beaded necklace in lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli. SHOP NECKLACES | SHOP BRACELETS Our Lapis Lazuli Rayminder Bracelet is for your trans-Atlantic journey. Lapis will enhance your intuition and help you see clearly when deliberate decisions and direction are needed on board. There is so much unknown when you’re thousands of miles off shore, this necklace will help you trust yourself. 

rayminder uv awareness bracelet in rose quartz

Rose Quartz. SHOP NECKLACES | SHOP BRACELETS Wear our Rose Quartz Rayminder Bracelet when you’re in need of champagne and sunsets. Whether rekindling that old flame on an escape to paradise, or looking for summer love, Rose Quartz is bound to bring romance into your life. 




rayminder uv awareness necklace in turquoise uv awareness bracelet in howlite

This Collection is more than jewelry 

I'm a fair skinned and freckled Irish gal that spent her youth with the mentality, "you need one good burn to get your base tan." And in the past decade, I've had a pang of fear everytime that attitude has been proven oh-so wrong. I've learned just how prone I, and my family, are to skin cancer with each abnormal mole removed. Had we taken the proper precautions, we'd be better off. I love a product that has more to it than what's on the surface, and that's why I am so excited to share our new Rayminders with you.

Yes, this collection is made to be worn at the beach, but we can't forget that UV rays are damaging our skin whether we are walking down Charles St in Boston or we're 100 miles off the Atlantic coast. By wearing one of our new Rayminder bracelets or necklaces, I hope it adds just enough awareness to your daily life to remind you of the importance of SPF. You, like me, belong under the sun, this collection will help you do that, safely.

rayminder uv awareness bracelets in turquoise, moonstone and howlite

We're so happy to bring you our first collection of jewelry that gives back. $1 from every piece sold will be donated to IMPACT Melanoma, a Massachusetts based national non-profit working to prevent skin cancer through education and awareness. Learn more about them HERE

We hope you love the Rayminder Collection as much as we do. Enjoy!


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