Why Handmade Gifts Are Better

2020 has been an odd year. Mostly unfavorable but there's also been plenty of good as it's brought many friends and family closer together. It's made our lives a little slower and our worlds a little smaller. It's forced us all to reflect on what’s really most important in our lives. It's made us reconsider the question, "if you were stuck on a desert island..." as well as ask question, "if you were stuck on a dessert island...". It's made us so much more grateful for the thoughtfulness of family, friends, and neighbors. 

At Sailormade, our focus on creating handmade nautical jewelry and accessories is always a priority. This year, in particular, sharing our pieces with you has been so important to us. Our philosophy is that through sharing our accessories with you, we offer you a moment of escape so that you can bring an ocean of memories with you wherever you go

This holiday season, consider giving gifts that are handmade and from the heart. Whether they are made by you or affectionately selected from small businesses you love, you have the power to spread joy through your thoughtful choices.

In the sailormade studio making bracelets, wearing a uv awareness rayminder bracelet for sun safety and mini brummel bracelets

shop men's handmade jewelry and accessories from sailormade

shop men's handmade jewelry and accessories from sailormade

When you share something you made, you spread the joy you experienced making it.⁠

As a child, do you remember drawing a picture of your family and giving it to your parents? Regardless of whether or not your mom got hair and your dad had pants on in the drawing, I can bet smiles were stretched across their faces. When you pour a little bit of your heart and soul into something it shows, and when you share that something with someone else, they feel it too. 

making decoupage oyster shell ornaments with the sailormade kit

making decoupage oyster shell ornaments with the sailormade kit

Shop the Sailormade decoupage oyster shell ornaments kit

Whether you make gifts yourself or shop Sailormade's collection of handmade pieces, you determine the quality of the jewelry you give.⁠

You would never ask a friend to bake you a cake for your Christmas party if you knew it was going to taste terrible. Instead, you'd trust that they would research a delicious-sounding recipe and take care to mix the proper ingredients and set a timer so it doesn't burn in the oven, right? That's the beauty of being in charge of quality control. Similarly, when you purchase from a local small business, you know the person making the item you purchase and can trust their diligent attention to the detail of their work. 

Working on a Sailormade Whatknot Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Kit in Howlite

working on a sailormade whatknot beaded necklace and bracelet kit in howlite

shop whatknot beaded bracelet and necklace kits here

Giving a one-of-a-kind piece makes your gift personal.

Sure, it's easy to get everyone an Amazon gift card. And hey, I bet whoever receives that gift will be pleased. But, they will likely purchase something they were already planning to buy and totally forget that it was, technically, from you. When you make, customize, or thoughtfully select a gift that is not meant for just anyone at the Yankee Swap, it makes it personal and that's what the holiday season is all about.

Gold leaf paint included in the Sailormade Oyster Shell Decoupage Ornament Kit

Sailormade Oyster Shell Decoupage Ornament Kit

Christmas and the gift-giving season is not about how much money you spend, it's about showing loved ones you are thinking of them. Making your own gifts and shopping handmade gifts from local shops spreads joy in so many directions. Love, joy, and happiness are all exponential.

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