Gift Wrap Perfect for a Coastal Christmas

At Sailormade, we want to encourage you to take a moment of escape when you glance down at your brummel bracelet or feel for the Whatknot beads around your neck. We make our accessories so you can bring an ocean of memories with you wherever you go. We thoughtfully consider all the details from where you find your Sailormade bracelet online or in stores to how you'll feel opening your package and wearing your ocean-inspired jewelry. That's why this holiday season we decided to upgrade our simple gift box to beachy gift wrap perfect for a coastal Christmas. Our formula for creating the look is simple and easy for you to recreate with materials you likely already have lying around your home. 
wrapping presents with beachy gift wrap for a coastal christmas
wrapping presents with beachy gift wrap for a coastal christmas
Earlier this fall we wrote a Sea Spritz post titled, The True Characteristics of a Beach House (They're not what you think), and asked you what elements make your beach memories particularly special. We considered your responses (like sandy toes, water-logged paperbacks and the subtle scent of mildew) and imagined how this hypothetical beach house would wrap a gift. These are the items that spoke to us: repurposed paper, ribbon or twine discarded from other packaging, and small items that were found at the beach yesterday or perhaps four decades before. Naturally, we made an inspiration board.
beachy mood board for gift wrap materials
sailormade gift guide for ocean loving guys
sailormade gift guide for ocean loving women
sailormade gift guide for stocking stuffers
starfish, drift wood, dried flowers
Like all things by the beach, we were inspired to keep it simple. We chose 4 ingredients for the beachy presentation. Tracing paper to wrap our box; it feels antique-y and weathered (and it's easy to fold). Driftwood, because who doesn't have a shelf, bucket, or bowl-full of it after a trip to the beach. Dried flowers that remind us of sea lavender; the plant that as children we were not supposed to pick but did anyways. And inconspicuous twine to pull it all together. 
coastal christmas gift wrap with drift wood, dried flowers, and twine
beachy gift wrap with drift wood, dried flowers, and twine for a coastal christmas
The way you give a gift is as important as what's inside. We want anyone receiving a Sailormade gift to immediately feel like they are taking a deep breath of that salty seaside air. Let us know how your hypothetical beach house would wrap a gift and if you think we should continue to offer our beach house gift wrap all year long.
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