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Is Marine Collagen Better?

With my recent Whole30 health kick (now officially over) I started exploring collagen supplements. I started taking Primal Instinct Collagen Fuel in my morning coffee per suggestion of nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. Full disclosure, it's too soon to say whether I am feeling any health benefits. 

As an occasion-only meat eater I'm still getting used to the idea of consuming what is essentially evaporated cow hides. It got me thinking as too the different options for collagen supplements. Marine collagen is extracted from discarded scales and bones of fish. Fish oils containing Omega 3s are always listed as one of the most important nutrients to feed our bodies. Could switching to Marine Collagen be a better 2 in 1 option? 

Feast like the pilgrims

Who says you have to be traditional for Thanksgiving? My mom is a pescatarian and will not be joining in the annual turkey on the table. She is hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm going to try and pass this recipe as a main dish. Heck! We're from Massachusetts, shouldn't there be seafood be on the table?!

This stuffed Sea Bass recipe was hijacked from Savory Nothings and will be the quickest turkey you ever cook:

Leaning into Farm-Coast Food

The North End is home to new restaurant, Alcove. Finally, someone is leaning into what should be Massachusett's culinary expertise, farm to coast food. It's juxtaposed with sea to city perfection with a location on the Lovejoy Wharf and gorgeous views of the Zakim Bridge. 

Here are a couple of highlights as well as a sample menu below: 

Anthropologie Sail

There's a 50/50 chance that these pillows were designed without influence of the ocean but I can't help myself but see embroidered wave patterns. 

Anthropologie is currently offering an additional 25% off sale items. Here are some of my favorite pieces for next to nothing.

Sea Legs

This local Boston shoe company will keep your feet moving through the holidays. Dare I say it might be time to add a new pair to my ever growing loafer collection [insert cheeky smile]. I've been wearing the Channel Markers the time feels right to add the Sarah Snaffle or Nantucket. And if you are considering someone else other than yourself this holiday season check out the men's options too. 

Zesty Salmon Burgers

I am just about to conclude my attempt at the Whole 30. I'd say my accuracy level is about 80% and it's been enough - I feel great. Do what you can and I bet you wont regret it. 

I've been seeing recipes using canned salmon. Has anyone ever tried making salmon cakes? I'd love to try this version from Paleo Gluten-Free

    The off season retreat

    I discovered this bathroom in the May issue of Architectural Digest. I fell in love with the birds. They add a bright and lively element to an otherwise understated space. 

    I recently moved and will definitely be on the search for little birds like these. I have an old Markham Roberts book that might lend some inspiration too (though I don't believe this Nantucket abode made it in). 

    A few more rooms in this house... 


    Secrets of the Sea

    This past June we partnered with Biotherm during their annual Water Lovers Day to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our oceans. They graciously thanked me with a number of samples. 

    The ingredients in Biotherm products are sustainably sourced from the sea. I've been using the above for almost 6 months now and my skin glows. Their formulas were created through extensive research on mermaid selfcare rituals. Does this mean I will turn into a mermaid? I hope so... 

    My recommendations: Blue Therapy NightBlue Therapy Accelerated SerumWonder MudLife Plankton Sensitive BalmLife Plankton Essence Serum

    Changing Tides

    I love fall weekends in October when the crowds migrate north to see the foliage giving quaint yet crowded beach towns a moment to catch their breath. 

    My next daytrip? Thatcher Island off of Rockport. Hopefully the seagulls will have finished nesting and the paths will be safe to walk without having to swirl sticks overhead. 

    If only I were eligible to submit a photo to our Changing Tides Photo Contest running through Oct. 31st... 


    Pura Vida in Costa Rica

    The following is an interview with Michael Sekerak. We enviously followed his incredible trip to Costa Rica from a very cold and very snowy Sailormade studio. When you can't getaway yourself you can live vicariously through someone else. 

    What to Pack for the Perfect Day at the Beach

    It’s officially summer and you know what that means- beach day everyday! Okay, well, for most of us we really just mean those occasional weekends getaways we can sneak in when life calms down. No matter how busy you might be this summer, don’t forget to plan a beach day or two because everyone could use some fun in the sun and sand in between their toes.

    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day is only two weeks away. Chances are your Dad already has everything he needs - you - and what more could he want? Yes, sweet, but not so helpful when it comes to finding him a gift. This year, get him something that compliments his favorite summer hobby. 

    Zac's Vieques Packing List

    For the 3 night trip to Vieques I followed my custom of over-packing and completely misjudging what I would actually need ("2 linen suits for the weekend? Better make it 3 to be safe.") With that being said the weekend was amazing and my Sailormade gear was perfect reminder to put down the devices, pick up the frozen drink, and focus on getting irie. 

    How to Maintain New England Style this Winter

    Don't leave home without Sailormade. 

    Marblehead's Best Hangout

    Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and their freshly baked scones. Any flavor. The atmosphere. A little bit salty and definitely homey. You couldn't be anywhere but Massachusetts. B.Y.O.B... and don't even bother bringing your own bottle. They have a fantastic selection in the market.

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